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Lili Hardware has held  ISO9001 approval since 2005, and also achieved approval to SGS for different products items. These quality approvals are essential to our company as they offer the assurance that our products are made to the highest standards and meet customer’s standard. 
As a rule we supply Certificates with all shipment and, as well as normal chemical and performance analyses, we can offer full mechanical test results. 
The Quality Control Department is equipped with an extensive range of modern testing equipment to ensure the consistent quality and repeatability of all of our products. All equipment is maintained in the highest condition and accuracy is verified by regular external calibration.

Lili Hardware has built a complete and mature production process: from the raw materials procurement, the finished products inspection to final product quality tracking, comprehensive monitoring product quality. 
Lili Hardware currently provides products to the users performing the following technical standards
GB - Chinese National Stardard
JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard
DIN - Germany Industrial standard
AISI - American Iron and Steel Institute Standard
Others: we would like to receive customer’s specific standard and manufacture on request. 


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